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What can we help you find?
What can we help you find?

The Femetry Bundle

  • Urinary Cleanse & Flora Balance
  • Bladder Daily Comfort
  • Bladder Acid Control
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Our dynamic bundle features all three of our Interstitial Cystitis relief products.

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Our dynamic bundle features all three of our Interstitial Cystitis relief products.

Good Bacteria

Reduced Stress

Healthy Balance

Relieved Bladder

Healthy Sleep


Urinary Cleanse & Flora Balance

Femetry Urinary Cleanse and Flora Balance 16packs Carton

Urinary Cleanse & Flora Balance

Now, here’s a urinary cleanse that packs a punch. With the help of D-Mannose, Urinary Cleanse & Flora Balance helps fortify your urinary tract! It helps prevent bad bacteria from sticking onto the walls of your urinary tract and allows them to be flushed out of your system. This ensures that your urinary microflora stays balanced and lessens the occurrence of bladder discomfort.*


Bladder Daily Comfort

Femetry Daily Bladder Comfort 120cap 200cc

Bladder Daily Comfort

Interstitial Cystitis often has several underlying causes. Bladder Daily Comfort is our daily natural remedy to address some of the most common issues. Our formula helps fortify the lining of your bladder, supports a healthy inflammatory response within your body, and eases discomfort in your urinary tract.*


Bladder Acid Control

Femetry Bladder Acid Control 60tab 100cc

Bladder Acid Control

Bladder flares are most commonly caused by the consumption of acidic foods and beverages. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to put down the pizza and back away slowly. With the help of Calcium Glycerophosphate and Sodium Bicarbonate, Bladder Acid Control helps neutralize the acidity of your urine. This works to ease or reduce the frequency of bladder discomfort.*

3 powerful formulas

Get maximum results when you buy all three products together as a complete 30-day bundle. We recommend taking the bundle for three consecutive months to allow your body time to adjust and repair.

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