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What can we help you find?
What can we help you find?

Bladder Acid Control

  • 30-day supply
  • Helps reduce urine acidity in the bladder*
  • Eases flares caused by eating or drinking acidic foods*
Bladder Acid Control
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  • Bladder Acid Control can be taken as needed prior to eating triggering or acidic foods and beverages, or to help prevent flares from triggering activities.

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The Femetry Bundle

Our dynamic bundle features all three of our Interstitial Cystitis relief products.

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Our dynamic bundle features all three of our Interstitial Cystitis relief products.

What is Bladder Daily Comfort?

Learn about it by our Femetry urogynecologist Dr. Karyn Eilber

Not today, flares.

For many Interstitial Cystitis, or Bladder Pain Syndrome (IC/BPS) sufferers, painful bladder flares can be triggered by acidic foods such as coffee, tea, certain fruits and fruit juices (cranberry, grapefruit, orange, pineapple, and strawberry), tomatoes, pizza, salad dressing, yogurt, chocolate, wine, and soda.

Neutralize instead of compromise.

Fortunately, we’ve got good news! You may be able to enjoy your favorite acidic foods and beverages without bladder discomfort by taking one or two Femetry Bladder Acid Control tablets right as you begin eating or drinking.

Our trusted team of physicians have chosen each ingredient in this powerful formula. They’ve taken into consideration years of clinical research and the contributions from hundreds of IC patients in their clinics.

The formula helps neutralize the acidity of urine in your bladder with Calcium Glycerophosphate and Sodium Bicarbonate. In most cases, taking just one or two tablets reduces the acidic effect of foods by up to 98%. If needed, you can take a third tablet.

Read more about Calcium Glycerophosphate
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More potent to be more effective.

Femetry Bladder Acid Control contains 50% more Calcium Glycerophosphate per tablet than another leading brand, plus the addition of Sodium Bicarbonate. That means you get more acidic reducing power (and can perhaps take less tablets) to achieve the desired effectiveness.

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